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Business Idea Evaluation Report

Business Idea Evaluation Report

Our online tool helps you quickly evaluate your new business idea, project venture or company in 10 minutes.

It is assessed against traditionally accepted criteria for success - giving you an immediate snapshot of where it stands today:
  • Generating an idea score & action plan
  • Completely confidential - you never disclose what your idea actually is
  • It is incredibly straightforward - just answer the questions and if you don';t know the answer just say so

Over 15,000 action plans have been generated to date, from 60 countries and 6 continents.

What you get back
A detailed report tailored specifically to your idea is emailed to you immediately after completion. This includes:

Your Score
You are scored in 4 key areas: The Team, The Market, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Resources. Each score is based on your answers and shows areas of possible strength and weakness.

Your Action Plan
Where areas are identified for improvement you will get key recommendations on the key actions you can take immediately, to help overcome them.

Recommended Resources
Provides direct links to the best online resources (most free) for starting up, embedded into the relevant section of your action plan.

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