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Giant Firms, UK, 2017

Giant Firms, UK, 2017

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Giant firms (of over 5000 employees) are crucial to the British economy and its employment levels. If they are growing they present significant opportunities for local job creation. If they are declining, they present a series risk to local communities that rely on them.

This map and list outlines the Giant firms in the UK and which of them are growing & which have declined over the past three years in terms of employment levels.


1. Data list (Spreadsheet)

• Firm name
• Trading address
• Managing director details where available
• Business sector
• Growth rates - in turnover, gross profit, employment and EBITDA
• Turnover & employee numbers where available
• Contact details (telephone number, website) where available
• Contact opt in status included
2. Geographical Distribution (Web based map)
• Business locations down to post code level
• Hover over links to business details
• Zoom to specific post code areas or regions
• Heat map analysis of growth rates and firm density, based on local authority boundaries

See our sample map below.


To note

  • Data collected and analysed in 2017, from trading years up to end 2014.
  • Giant firms are defined as those with over 5000 employees
  • No foriegn registered firms are listed
  • Where firms have not submitted full accounting detail to companies they have not been included in the list.
  • Maps are based on the registered company address (which, in the main represents a head office)
  • We use a combination of data sources including Companies House & Office of National Statistics.
  • Reports, lists and maps are based purely on data and have not been validated with primary research

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