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About us

Our reports are based on combinations of government and privately sourced data and include PDF analysis, web-based interactive maps and exportable data lists. 

Who we are

We are a team of experienced geographers and intelligence specialists, making skilful & creative use of objective insight to support business development. Our work has been used to support major tender submissions - the value of which has been in excess of £100m in some cases. We were heavily involved in the design of the British Government sponsored GrowthAccelerator Observatory - a research programme investigating the impact of growth businesses on the UK economy, informing one of the largest ever public sponsored business coaching programmes. Our consultancy clients include:

  • The Department for Business Innovation & Skills
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships & Growth Hubs
  • growth consulting firms
  • fast growing businesses

Why are we here?

Data and analytical tools have never been so accessible. However, knowing how to use them to best effect can be challenging and time consuming.

We know what is impactful, we know what is useful, we know the data and we know the pitfalls in understanding it.

Our reports

Whether you are: a government economic development agency that needs to make informed business support policy decisions - identifying the businesses that contribute most to your region’s economy, and the locations in which to focus your resource; a business or brand that wants to identify the businesses that are growing and thereby investing: in human resource; in technology; in business services - segmenting them by size, location, & sector; a consultancy or creative agency that wants to add data, context & insight to your plans and projects - perfect for supporting bids - allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with impact; our reports get you the information you need in minutes, rather than weeks.

Our off-the-shelf reports are designed as cost effective alternatives to bespoke research commissions. 

Reports you want but we do not have in stock

If you are interested in a report in a region that we have not covered in one of existing categories, then get in touch with us and we will see if we are able to create one for you.