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Mid-size High Growth Firms, UK, 2017

Mid-size High Growth Firms, UK, 2017


Research consistently outlines the pivotal role mid-sized high growth businesses have in the UK economy, often ignored by public policy, whilst continually being among the major job creators.

There are over 33,000 mid-sized firms in the UK. Our research has identified the fastest growing of these businesses - over 2,000 firms who have all grown at more that 20% in profitability year on year for the past 3 years. 

If you provide professional services to mid-size firms – coaching, financial, legal - or work in local economic development and want to stimulate job growth in your region, this a group of businesses you need to be aware of.


1. Geographical Distribution (web based map)
• Business locations down to post code level
• Hover over links to business details
• Zoom to specific post code areas or regions
• Heat map analysis of growth rates and firm density, based on local authority boundaries

2. Data list (Spreadsheet format)

• Firm name
• Trading address
• Managing director details where available
• Business sector
• Growth rates - in turnover, gross profit & employment
• Lastest turnover & employee numbers
• Contact details (telephone number, website) where available
• Contact opt in status included

To note

  • Data collected and analysed in 2017, from trading years up to end 2014. Mid-sized firms defined as 50-249 employees
  • Where firms have not submitted full accounting detail to companies they have not been included in the list.
  • Maps are based on the company trading address
  • We use a combination of data sources including Companies House & Office of National Statistics.
  • Reports, lists and maps are based purely on data and have not been validated with primary research

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