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Where the spending power was in 2017

As the year comes to an end we can share an overview of the businesses that had cash in the bank in 2017 - who, where and how much.


One of our clients sells professional services to SME's. They asked us to build them a map for their key territories showing all those businesses that have shown recent growth (at least 10% p.a over the last two years) and have cash in the bank (and therefore those most likely to have a budget to spend). Not only did we identify the specific businesses with £100k + of cash assets, but we also looked at the aggregated regional hot spots - helping their team of sales people to focus their efforts by specific geography.

The results were very interesting, so we decided to apply the analysis to the whole of the United Kingdom to see just which localities held the most retained cash in their small businesses.

From post code SE1 on the South Bank in London with 101 businesses combining £244m in retained SME cash, through to TN35 next to Hastings on the South Coast with £100k from just 1 business, over 2000 post code districts across the UK are mapped. 

How it is relevant to you

You can use the map to:

  • Explore each of the post code districts in the UK - including those that collectively have the most cash retained in their businesses (ranked from Red - over £20m, through to green - under £5m)
  • Look at the total cash retained in the bank by growth businesses in your post code district
  • Identify the number of businesses in your area with more than £100k in the bank


1. Enter your post code into the search bar

2. Select your district from the options given

3. Zoom to location and click on it to reveal the underlying data - "Count" is the number of businesses in that post code matching our criteria, "Sum" is the combined revenue from those businesses, "Period 1" is the last set of accounts filed.

4. Zoom out to see your post code in the context if its neighbours

5. Open the key (top right)

6. Switch on the business layers (click the eye icon to the right of the grey circle) to see individual businesses 

7. Click on businesses to reveal their individual data - i.e. their cash the bank from their last set of accounts


View a larger version of Cash by Post Code.

Unlock the full details of the map, reduced until the end of the year.


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