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UK Giant Firms: G4S the biggest UK based employer

Just over 0.1% of UK businesses represent almost 40% of its employment. If you do not know who some of these businesses are, then you need to - whether growing or declining - their performance is vital to the country.

Our Giant Firms report provides the full list, but in the mean time, here are the Top 5 UK based firms in terms of the number of employees they have globally:


Outsourcing company G4S are the biggest UK based employer, with over 611,000 staff members across the world.  They are followed by food and facilities management company, Compass Group with 516,000. Perhaps better known high street firms, Tesco (480,000), HSBC (268,000)  and Unilever make up the top 5 (171,000). 

For the full list of 240 Giant Firms in the UK, including their locations and growth rates, you can access our report below. 

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