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The Northern Powerhouse has its hands full

There have been recent announcements of job losses at Coca ColaNestle and Swinton. This is likely to have a significant impact on those local communities affected across the UK.

Continuing the work we have done into the small group of firms that represent the majority of employment in the UK ("Giant Firms" with 5000+ employees), we have looked at these businesses in terms of their combined regional impact.

We have aggregated the data by region to show:

  1. The comparative number of employees represented by Giant Firms across each of the UK Regions
  2. Whether that figure has grown or declined over the past three years in each region

       Employees Size and Growth Rate by Region

      The size of each segment represents the comparative regional proportion of employees represented by Giant Firms in the UK.

      The colours represent growth rate - the green areas on the graphic demonstrate the most significant employee growth – through to the red, which represent the most significant decline.

      In summary:

      • London and the South dominates in terms of employee numbers (more on that below), but these regions relatively static in growth/decline (London's decline was actually just -0.3% - it could easily have been yellow)
      • The North is has generally been in decline, from more significant decline in Scotland, Yorkshire & the Humber to less acute in the North West (however with some growth in the smaller regions of the North East and N. Ireland)
      • The biggest growth had been across the Midlands

      North Versus South

      As expected, London and the South of England dominate in terms of the numbers of Giant Firm employees they represent – the North/South gap seen very clearly. To put this more into perspective, it is worth comparing this to the general population. Then it becomes even more pronounced:

      While the North of England, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland are home to the majority (55%) of the UK's population, they are only represented by 22% of Giant Firm total employment.

      80% of the total Giant Firm employment comes from Giant Firms in London and the Southern regions despite covering a smaller geographical area, have a (slightly) smaller population.

      The Northern Powerhouse has a lot of work to do to try to make up the gap in both size and growth… maybe the Giant Firms in the Midlands can lend a helping hand.

      For the full list of 240 Giant Firms in the UK, including their locations and growth rates, you can access our report below. 

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